Why Attend the Annual Conference?

Over the last 24 years the ACC Europe Annual Conference has provided a focal point of ACC Europe’s activities. Over 9,000 delegates representing high profile multinational companies have attended this unique event to discuss issues of supreme importance to in-house counsel.

Each of the most recent conferences has attracted, from 30 countries, over 400 delegates, including Chief Legal Officers/Group General Counsel, senior counsel, legal, litigation, regulatory and compliance officers and others involved in critical roles within the in-house legal team.

The two-day programme combines sharing of experience, education, networking and enjoyment making it a must-attend event in any in-house counsel’s calendar.

“I recall attending my very first ACC Europe Annual Conference and its incredible atmosphere. A gathering of vibrant in-house lawyers working across different countries and cultures, all willing to exchange ideas on their world! I walked away, energetic, and ready to implement some of my learnings. ACC helped me connect with my own in house community in Zurich, of which I have been an active member since. Being part of the ACC family really opens the door to meeting new people, sharing views across pan-European topics and so much more!”

~ Jasprit Sahnsi, Senior Legal Counsel, Gategroup ~

What makes ACC Europe stand out from other conferences?

By joining us in Paris you will:

  • Meet, learn from and network with peers facing similar professional challenges
  • Gain first hand insight into situations and cases faced by experienced practitioners
  • Have the opportunity to participate in individual speed coaching sessions – details will be sent to all registered delegates
  • Increase your understanding of key European legislation
  • Strengthen your contacts with leading members of the profession and service providers
  • Earn CPD/CLE credits
  • Receive, as a non-member, one year’s membership of ACC and ACC Europe
  • Find out how you can become further involved in ACC Europe

ACC Europe: where in-house legal practice comes alive – an experience not to be missed!