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Track 1: Lead Yourself
Track 2: Lead the Law
Track 3: Lead the Business

The programme consists of regular sessions and 'Law Labs'. A Law Lab is a small and interactive session, facilitated by experts allowing you to focus on an area of personal development, operations or the law in a small group of your peers. Places for each Law Lab will be limited. Early sign up is recommended to secure your place.

Sunday 20 May
15:00-19:00 Registration
17:30-19:00 Exhibition
17:30-19:00 Welcome reception
Monday 21 May
07:30-08:45 Delegate breakfast
07:30-17:15 Exhibition
07:30-17:15 Registration
09:00-10:15 Opening plenary
Opening plenary: Securing a seat at the table

General counsel are increasingly considered by the corporate board and C-suite as a go-to resource. Additionally, general counsel are essential allies to the board of directors and chief executive as they strive to set the right “tone from the top” for an ethical and compliant corporate culture that flows to all levels of the organisation. Yet, at too many companies the general counsel lacks regular access to the board of directors and may not be among the chief executive officer’s direct reports. This panel of seasoned general counsel and directors of multinational, publicly-traded companies will offer their views on model governance practices and why the GC must have a permanent seat at both tables - that of the chief executive officer’s executive management team as well as the board of directors.

Sponsor: K&L Gates

William (Bill) Mordan, General Counsel & Company Secretary, Shire Pharmaceuticals
Veta T. Richardson, President & CEO, Association of Corporate Counsel

Craig W. Budner, Global Client Development, Recruitment and Integration Partner, K&L Gates

10:15-10:45 Networking break
10:45-12:15 Concurrent sessions

Track: Lead Yourself

Expanding your influence: Building legal’s role in the business

Be more than just a business supporter - build value and influence in your organisation by showing the business how legal needs to be involved from the beginning. How to go about it in your own organisation. How to build influence by understanding the business and the industry, by observing true power sources in your organisation, and how to increase the visibility of your legal department. Listen to experienced legal leaders and business people who made the switch from contacting legal at the end of the process to inviting them to the table from the start.

Nicolas Kaeller-Cox, General Counsel, Medical Division /Advanced Bionics, Sonova Holdings AG
Muriel Makharine, Vice President & General Counsel International Operations, UTC Climate, Controls & Security
Barbara Scarafia, Vice President Legal Europe, Assistant General Counsel, Amazon


Track: Lead the Law

Preparing for GDPR

New EU data protection rules will come into effect within days after the annual conference. In this session, experts will discuss compliance strategies and risk considerations.

Sponsor: Bird & Bird LLP

Alexander Duisberg, Partner & Head Software & Services, Int'l Tech & Coms Group, Bird & Bird LLP
Alexandra Guerin, EU Privacy & Data Protection Senior Manager, AmGen
Nathalie Lanaret, Group Data Protection Officer, Capgemini Service
Judicaël Phan, Associate General Counsel, Ubisoft


Track: Lead the Business

Law Lab: So you think you want to join a start-up?

Note: session limited to 20 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

Start-ups look glamorous from the outside (conquer-the-world business plans, cool perks, the promise of stock options). But what is it really like, and how can you decide if it’s really right for you?

William Goodwin, General Counsel, AirMap
Anne Hindermeyer, Head of Legal, Believe Digital Group
Raluca Radu, Legal Director, Fairphone


Track: Lead Yourself

Law Lab: Mindfulness for lawyers | For in-house counsel only

Note: session limited to 20 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

Lawyers get many messages that self-care is important, but sometimes it’s hard to put that into practice. Rarely do clients come to us with happy news, and we carry that stress with us. Join ACC Europe for a practice session on meditation. Develop a sense of calm in the face of crisis, and enhance your focus and react with choice as you navigate our digital world.


Track: Lead the Business

Law Lab: Strategic thinking

Note: session limited to 20 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

While it is crucial for senior business executives, lawyers aren’t usually taught strategy in law school. How does one think strategically? What are the building blocks of a plan or strategy for a business or department? This session will explore important questions around thinking strategically – for yourself, for your law department and for your company.

Martin de Grijp, Group Chief Operations Officer, ABB
Dhruv Malhotra, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company
Greg Ritts, General Counsel, Altisource

12:15-13:45 Lunch break
13:45-15:15 Concurrent sessions

Track: Lead Yourself

“Looking for a legal job in Europe? Here’s what you need to know” For in-house counsel only

What are the new opportunities in Europe after recent geopolitical changes: How to position yourself for the new European market? How can you seek projects within your organisation to build skills employers are seeking? What kind of roles should you seek to take advantage of opportunities in the European legal market? What new skills can you pick up in different industries? How does the European work culture differ from the rest of the world?

Josephine Deege-Mansour, Executive Senior Legal Director, GFS, UTC
Laetitia Desoutter, Directrice des Affaires Juridiques France et Europe du Sud / South Europe Region Legal Counsel, HP
Maria Fernanda Lima da Rocha Barros, Vice President Legal & Corporate Affairs (General Counsel) - Zone Europe, Anheuser-Busch InBev


Track: Lead the Law

Trade compliance: Sanctions and export control strategies for in-house counsel

Ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Mid-East have made the web of restrictions on exporting goods to embargoed countries and sanctioned individuals much more complex for US and EU companies. What should the in-house counsel know to ensure compliance with often-overlapping rules while still keeping the business running?

Sponsor: Lex Mundi

Maurits Gorlee, EMEA Export Controls Supervisor, Agilent Technologies The Hague Area, Netherlands
Kostas Katsoulis, Director Global Trade, Cardinal Health Baar, Canton of Zug, Switzerland
Kaoru Okada, Alliance Export Control Global Head, Renault-Nissan BV


Track: Lead the Business

A.I. - The sequel!

Following the success of the session at last year's conference on artificial intelligence, experts will again review current trends in A.I. and assess their impact on the practice and profession of the law.

Peter Fleischer, Global Privacy Counsel, Google
Anthony Kenny, Assistant General Counsel Corporate & CBS, GSK
Vincent Martinaud, Juriste, IBM


Track: Lead the Law

Law Lab: “What could possibly go wrong? We have a social media plan in place”

Note: session limited to 30 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

Crisis management workshop where the company is faced with a variety of dilemmas around social media and has to provide input/responses for the board. The dilemmas will deal with issues such as improprieties by vlogger/bloggers, diversity and inclusion policies, M&A leakage, employee gossip, data breach, trademark infringement, outraged consumers, ethics/fraud, executive firings, and contracts disputes.

Sean Collin, Founder & CEO, Brand PDQ
Carolyn Herzog, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary & Chief Compliance Officer, ARM
Stacey van Hooven, Vice President & General Counsel, Essity GmbH


Track: Lead the Business

Law Lab: Legal operations

Note: session limited to 22 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

Tips and tricks to take your legal department from a "cost centre" to a centre of innovation and efficiency.

Sponsor: Icertis

Augusto Lima, Head Legal Transactions, Novartis
Aine Lyons, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Worldwide Legal Operations, VMware

15:15-15:45 Networking break
15:45-17:15 Concurrent sessions

Track: Lead Yourself

Talk Like Ted III

You have great ideas on how to be the strategic business partner. Yet, you are still working on that power point presentation. How do you inspire and convince your stakeholders (your colleagues within the legal department, the senior management team, the Board of Directors) that your case has merit? If you do not know the most effective way to do that, then this session is for you: it will teach you the best presentation techniques to help you craft impactful messages and genuinely engage your audience.

Steve Leroy, Senior Vice President, Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs, Discovery Networks International, Discovery Communications


Track: Lead the Law

Labour law update

This session will provide you with an overview of the updates on key areas of EU employment law.

Marlene Connolly, Group Counsel & Legal Director, Forcepoint International Technology
Monica Gonzalez, Iberia Region Counsel, HP
Dr Thomas Griebe, Partner, Vangard/Littler Global
Julia Zange, Global Head of Labour Law, Fresenius Medical Care


Track: Lead the Business

Law Lab: East meets West: What you need to know about doing business in Asia

Note: session limited to 20 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form. 

Key legal principles and practical advice for negotiating and working with counterparties in the key markets of India, China and ASEAN.

Sponsor: Bird & Bird LLP

Orijit Das, Former Group General Counsel & Corporate Senior Vice President, WNS Global Services
Bobby Jacob Swedjemark, Group Vice President, Senior Legal Counsel - M&A, ABB
Richard Keady, Partner & Head of Asia Pacific Dispute Resolution Group, Bird & Bird LLP


Track: Lead Yourself

Law Lab: Surviving disruption: New career choices

Note: session limited to 30 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form. 

Change Leadership is the new black. Lawyering requires human-human interaction, creativity, high-level language processing, a deep understanding of how society functions, and a human experience. Discuss how your experience is critical in the new era of artificial intelligence and the legal disruption. Join our panel to explore the future of the legal profession.

Mark Cohen, CEO & Founder, Legal Mosaic
Isabelle Henkens, Owner, IH & Co
David Lewis, Associate General Counsel (Director of Legal, EMEA), Snap Inc


Track: Lead the Law

Bitcoins, blockchain and the new age of digital currency and authentication

Emerging encryption technologies are changing how payments are made and giving rise to new risks for businesses. This session offers guidance on core concepts for in-house lawyers and strategies for harnessing the possibilities of digital currencies.

Bertrand Alexis, Senior Legal Director, Ooredoo Group Q.S.C.
Christopher Wray, Chief Legal Officer, Mattereum Ltd

19:00-22:30 Conference dinner Palais Brongniart

Conference Dinner at the Palais Brongniart. Transport will be provided (30 minutes drive). Coaches will depart from the conference venue at 1745.

This is a pre-registered event. Please book a place on the registration form. 

Dress code: Business formal

Tuesday 22 May
07:45-08:45 Delegate breakfast
07:45-14:00 Exhibition
07:45-15:30 Registration
09:00-10:30 Concurrent sessions

Track: Lead Yourself

My favourite mistake - Overcoming career setbacks

Learn from colleagues who have lived it – how to rebuild and capitalise on the experiences that lead to Your Favourite Mistake. Whether you’re in transition or facing a career setback, learn how others navigated choppy waters – talking about the layoff or firing during your job search, being strategic in looking for a new position, promoting your “brand” in the new digital era, and keeping spirits up.

Philippe Antonio, Director of Legal - EMEA, ANSYS
Adam Smith, Former Group General Counsel, Safran
Catherine Stavrakis, Vice President & Associate Group General Counsel, Capgemini


Track: Lead the Law

The European project (Brexit)

Join us for a panel discussion on the emerging EU in light of the UK’s departure.

Sponsor: CMS

Helena Raulus, Head of Office, Joint Law Societies Office
Prof. Dr. Stephan Wernicke, Chief Legal Officer, German Association of Chambers of Commerce


Track: Lead the Business

When restructuring affects the legal department

Downsizing, rightsizing, restructuring, rebalancing: internal reorganisations can take many different forms and have many different labels. A guide to understanding and responding when restructuring affects your legal department.

Nino Cusimano, Former General Counsel, CMA CGM
Christof Höfner, Senior Legal Counsel, Zurich Insurance Company
Paolo M. Quaini, Group General Counsel presso, Alitalia Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A.


Track: Lead the Law

Law Lab: Cyber security: The in-house lawyer's role in preparing for, and responding to, a data breach

Note: session limited to 20 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form. 

Traditional industrial companies now share many of the same risks of cybercrime and hacking as consumer concerns. As an in-house lawyer, how would you prepare for, and respond to, a cyber security crisis at your company?

Sponsor: EY

Dr. Gergely Dzsinich, Board Member, CyAN in Paris, Attorney-at-law, EU / MANDOLA Project CYBEX/European Commission
Ryan Rubin, Partner, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services, EY
Alesch Staehelin, Lead Counsel Research Europe, IBM

10:30-11:00 Networking break
11:00-12:30 Concurrent sessions

Track: Lead Yourself

Law Lab: Put “people person” back on your resume: Soft skills can’t be automated

Note: session limited to 30 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form. 

Industrialisation of the legal profession is happening. Great lawyering is no longer a differentiator – it is the price of entry. Excelling in the new era means being a champion of the soft skills: communication, relationship building, and a service-orientated mindset. There is a correct way and an incorrect way to communicate: asking questions in an open-ended manner, positioning yourself in a way that clearly passes the message to the other party, deflecting rather than defending, and using opportunities to build stronger relationships rather than diluting them. Join our workshop to enhance your existing skills and give yourself that extra communication boost.

Helena Bescos Menenedez, Strategic Business Partner Legal Director, Citrix
Alessandro Galtieri, Vice President Corporate Law, Colt Technology Services
Paul Williams, Executive Commercial Counsel, GE Power


Track: Lead the Law

Competition law update

This session will present an overview of significant legal and policy developments in EU and US competition law, the latest trends in competition litigation and what it means for you in practice.

Sponsor: Fieldfisher

Anjuna Crespin, Head of Competition Law, Total
David Foster, Director, Frontier Economics
Spyros Mello, Chief Compliance Officer & Deputy General Counsel, Coca-Cola HBC
Thilo Reimers, Senior Counsel Antitrust, Deutsche Bahn AG
Anne-Laure-Hélène des Ylouses, Attorney at law, Fieldfisher


Track: Lead the Business

Successful metrics for in-house counsel

It remains true that "what gets measured gets managed". With so much data and so many ways to measure it, it can be difficult for in-house counsel to know where to begin. This session offers guidance.

Sponsor: Mitratech

Jason Heyman, Managing Director, EMEA , Mitratech
Gabriella Porcelli, General Counsel, Senior Legal Advisor to CEO, Philip Morris Italia
Helena Samaha, Head of Legal - Media and Programming, EU, Liberty Global


Track: Lead the Business

Law Lab: Public affairs/Lobbying

Note: session is limited to 20 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form. 

In-house counsel help apply the rules, lobbyists help shape them. Hence they are often considered two sides of the same regulatory coin. Understandably, lawyers are increasingly called upon for public affairs work. What role can in-house counsel play in public affairs, and what are the pitfalls they need to avoid? This session will provide an overview of basic public affairs.

Anton'Maria Battesti, Public Policy Manager, Facebook
Ross Biggam, Vice President Government Affairs EMEA, Discovery Communications
Mary Blatch, Director of Advocacy and Public Policy, Association of Corporate Counsel

12:30-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-15:30 Closing plenary
Closing plenary: How to approach and embrace change

Hear how all over the world, in every sector of industry, old models of success are breaking down. The old top-down approach is giving way to a new bottom-up model. Find out how this new order is transforming the corporate legal landscape.

Trevor Faure, President, Global General Counsel Academy

Programme and speakers are subject to change without notice.

ACC Europe wishes to thank the 2018 Annual Conference Advisory Board for their thought leadership, creativity and hard work in developing this programme:

Steve Leroy, Senior Vice President, Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs, Discovery Networks International, Discovery Communications

Deputy Chair & Track leader Lead Yourself:
Katerina Galanopoulou, Legal and Compliance Counsel, SAP Greece Cyprus & Malta

Track leaders Lead the Business and Lead the Law:
Matthew Benz, Senior Counsel, Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A.
Jeremy Otis, General Counsel, Eniram Oy, a Wärtsilä Company; Senior Counsel, Wärtsilä Corporation

With thanks also for significant assistance from:
Marcella Sampic, Senior Legal Counsel, Data Privacy & Corporate Governance, CCS International